Prof. Dr. Mark Shamtsyan
Department of Technology of Microbiological Syntheses
St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Andrey Bratsikhin
Director of Life Systems Institute
North Caucasus Federal University

Ambassadors' Reports

Prof. Dr. Shamtsyan: As GHI Ambassador in Russia, I continuously promote GHI’s goals by organizing and participaing in special sessions at conferences in Russia and abroad, including NEEFood Congresses and B-FoST Congresses. I also disseminate information about GHI to colleagues and students. The main goal is to bring GHI's ideas and objectives to scientists, educational, regulatory and supervisory bodies, business and consumers in Russia.

Prof. Dr. Bratsikhin: A special course, Technical Control on Food Factories, has been added into the university’s master’s program curriculum. There are some special lectures dedicated to European and other international standards and regulations, that are compared with the respective regulations in the Russian Federation. In April 2017, the first international seminar on food safety and hygienic aspects of food processes was presented in Stavropol at North Caucasus Federal University. GHI Ambassadors to Macedonia (Dr. Vladimir Kakurinov) and Armenia (Dr. Dr. Karine Grigoryan) as well as Dr. Mark Shamtsyan (Ambassador to Russia) took part in the seminar as visiting lecturers.


Title: The Bases of Harmonization of Regulations on Food Production and Labeling in the Customs Union Within the Eurasian Economic Community
Author: Mark Shamtsyan
Publication and Date: Acta Universitatis Cibiensis, Series E: Food Technology. 2014. 18(1): 4-12.

Title: Food Legislation and its Harmonization in Russia
Author: Mark Shamtsyan
Publication and Date: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2014, 94 (10), 1966–1969.