Prof. Mark Shamtsyan
Department of Technology of Microbiological Syntheses
St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology

Prof. Naresh Magan
Cranfield University
United Kingdom

Prof. Karina Grigoryan
Yerevan State University


The mission of the Mycotoxins Working Group (WG) is to strive for evidence-based and rational harmonization of food safety regulations and legislation relevant to the food safety and spoilage challenges associated with mycotoxins in foods.

Topics & Objectives

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 25% of the world’s crops are contaminated with mycotoxins. Many scientific studies report that economic losses occur throughout the food and feed production and supply chain. Harmonized mycotoxin regulations will make it possible to implement effective measures to reduce the global mycotoxin problem.

The Mycotoxins WG will focus on making a thorough inventory of available knowledge about mycotoxin contamination and possible reduction and preventive control measures, not only from scientific literature but also from incident reports and company experience.

The Mycotoxins WG will consider a number of issues, including investigations into available scientific evidence, economic impact and regulatory implications related to such areas as:

  • Quantification based on mold type and current losses in staple foods
  • Inventory of current regulations, standards and accepted removal/preventive measures or controls
  • Potential for climate-change impacts on mycotoxigenic fungi and my- cotoxin contamination of food crops pre- and postharvest
  • Offer science-based recommendations for globally harmonized guidelines


Alois Schiessl
Romer Labs Austria, Austria

Diána Bánáti
Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary

Atef Idriss
Middle East North Africa Food Safety Association, Lebanon

Dmitry Zipaev
Samara State Technical University, Russia

Hamid Ezzatpanah
Islamic Azad University, Iran

Kalliopi Mylona
Canfield University, UK

Liviu Gaceu
Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

Olga Martín Belloso
Universidad de Lleida, Spain

Oliver Schlüter
Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Germany

Rashmi Kulshrestha
Regulatory Wisdom, India

Sara Esther Valdes Martinez
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

Susanne Braun
Hohenheim Research Center for Bioeconomy, Germany

Veronika Markelova
St. Petersburg University of Food and Refrigeration, Russia

Rebecca Lopez-Garcia
Stratecon International Consultants, Mexico

Huub Lelieveld
GHI-Association, The Netherlands


Dates, times and locations to be announced.

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