Prof. Vladimir Kakurinov
Professor and Veterinary Faculty
St. Kliment Ohridski University
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Dzengis Jasar, MD, MSc, PhD
Department of Histopathology and Cytology
Head of Diagnostic Laboratories
Clinical Hospital Acibadem-Sistina
Skopje, Macedonia

Ambassador’s Report

Dr. Kakurinov: In 2012, I was appointed GHI Ambassador to Macedonia. I am the Executive Director of Consulting and Training Centre - KEY, and a member of numerous international and domestic organizations. My primary task has been to raise awareness of GHI as an organization as well as its scope, not only in Macedonia but also across the region.

In 2016, KEY, in cooperation with several scientific societies including GHI, will host the 1st Black Sea Association of Food Science and Technology (B-FoST) Congress in Ohrid, Macedonia, 22-24 September. B-FoST Congress gives a unique opportunity for food scientists, researchers, technologists, producers and nutritionists, young scientists and students to present results and findings of their research and exchange information on new processes. B-FoST Congress will be focused on the latest progress in fundamental and applied food science, research and development, innovative technology, food ingredients, novel trends in nutrition and health, food machinery and equipment engineering, food safety and quality, and the food and feed market. GHI will hold a General Meeting and will present a session on global harmonization of food safety laws and regulations. GHI members are offered a 50 Euro discount on the conference rate.

Dr. Jasar: As a GHI Ambassador to Macedonia, my proposed goal is to present the GHI and describe its activities to professional associations and students in order to help harmonize standards on food quality and safety. I would like also to present details about the GHI information related to food contact materials, and diseases that may be caused by unsafely prepared food. In the future, I will contribute to GHI books and reviews, communicate GHI messages in Macedonia through internet articles, and participate in GHI meetings. Hence, as a GHI Ambassador, my efforts will be targeted to spread knowledge regarding safe food among different groups of the population.

Activities and Presentations

Conference: 1st Black Sea Association of Food Science and Technology (B-FoST ) Congress
22-24 September 2016 | Ohrid, Macedonia