Nutrition Working Group


Iuliana Vintila

Viduranga Waisundara
Sri Lanka

Dr. Sunita Singh


The mission of the Nutrition Working Group (WG) is to strive for evidence-based global harmonization of nutrition regulations and legislation. The goal is to publish a nutrition white paper that discusses global, consistent nutrition policy with an action plan on nutrition and recommendations for harmonization of dietary guidance.

Topics & Objectives

The Nutrition WG plans to develop a white paper to stimulate worldwide agreement on dietary guidance appropriate within the framework of existing international food safety laws and regulations to:

  • Offer recommendations for global harmonization of nutrition labeling and health claims
  • Provide expertise to advise on the elimination of differences in international nutrition guidelines, regulations and legislation
  • Harmonize education for nutritional health and training standards


Additionally to the co-chairs above, this Working Group consists of 13 members.


Dates, times and locations to be announced.

Interested in joining this Working Group?

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