In addition to publishing the latest GHI news, activities and event notices for our members, GHI also communicates sound principles of food safety science to influencers and decision makers—from the general public and the press, to politicians, policymakers and regulatory authorities.

Through a variety of communications, we aim to improve understanding and better inform all stakeholders so that objective scientific concepts, not political expediency or media hype, become the basis of crafting meaningful, harmonized food safety legislation and regulation in all countries.

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Food Contamination and Traceability Summit Munich, Germany 26-27 May 2020

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General Meetings Scheduled for IFT 2016, ISEKI-Food Conference

In July 2016, GHI will hold general meetings at IFT 2016 in Chicago, IL, USA and the 4th International ISEKI-Food Conference in Vienna, Austria. The informational meetings will update members about GHI’s activities and progress. The general meetings are open to all conference attendees.

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GHI Working Groups Now Forming, Open to Members

GHI has accepted proposals for a number of new Working Groups. If you would like to contribute as a member in any of these groups, please contact the Working Group Coordinator.

  • Ethics in the Food Industry
  • Food Contact Materials
  • Principles of Process Validation
  • Nomenclature on Food Safety and Quality

New Book in GHI Series Focuses on Traditional and Ethnic Food Safety

In December 2015, Elsevier/Academic Press published the second book in the GHI Series, “Regulating Safety of Traditional and Ethnic Foods.” The book examines a variety of traditional foods from around the world, their risks and benefits, and how regulatory steps may assist in establishing safe parameters for these foods without reducing their cultural or nutritive value in today’s diets.

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GHI Issues New Share Sheet, Harmonisation: Feeding People, Fueling Innovation

As the first in GHI's new Share Sheet series, Harmonisation: Feeding People, Fueling Innovation outlines how differences in food safety regulations between countries not only impedes the use of new technologies but also leads to the destruction of food in a world where 1 billion people go hungry. Using Parclesus' Toxicology Principle, "the dose makes the poison," the two-page brief illustrates how poor communication and misperceptions by politicians, policymakers, consumers and other influencers can result in the development of non-science-based and conflicting regulations, globally.

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