United Kingdom


Dr. Nicola Stanley
Experienced researcher, educator and communicator with a passion for the development of food and beverage brands.

  • As an independent research consultant, she advises organisations and businesses on how to optimise their products, services and communications to fit the needs of consumers and other key stakeholders.
  • She is also a visiting university lecturer in the UK, teaching on food science and food security degree programmes. Her lecturing expert knowledge includes food quality, food product development, food systems management and sustainability.

Across the global food and beverages sector, she has worked within multinational organisations specialising in branded foods and beverages and also ingredient and flavour solutions.

Ambassador’s Report

Every day, across the new post-Brexit United Kingdom, consumers and businesses are hearing from the media about global trade deals and obligations. Food trade is an increasingly hot topic. Debates around the safety, standards, cost and availability of foods are becoming increasingly emotive and public opinion is forming and also dividing. This is a perfect storm to promote and lead the conversation to demonstrate the importance of science in defining food standards and in harmonizing quality. Underpinning all of this is the collective need for countries and trading partners to work together to enable sustainable global food supplies and in particular to reduce food waste, improve nutrient value, feed the hungry and facilitate the future supply of food.

  • As a UK Ambassador for GHI, I’m very keen to create awareness within the UK of the objectives of the Global Harmonization Initiative and to facilitate the debate around global food standards.
  • I’m also working with other members of the GHI, to produce and disseminate targeted science communications to help educate stakeholders about the impact of food standards on global food trade and future food security.