Assist. Prof. Dr. Birsen Bulut-Solak, PhD
Head of Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
Selcuk University

Prof. Dr. Hasan Yetim
Department Chair
Istanbul Gelisim University

Prof. Dr. Hamit Köksel
(more information forthcoming)

Ambassador’s Report

Dr. Birsen Bulut-Solak: My main aim as the GHI Ambassador to Turkey is to raise awareness of GHI as an organization as well as its scope. I also plan to participate and represent GHI at local meetings. I will contribute to GHI reviews, communicate GHI messages in Turkey through online articles, and participate in GHI meetings. I also will respond to local disinformation, report activities to GHI, organize online lectures and trainings, and write blogs for the media. As a researcher, I am collecting and assessing the known scientific evidence in Turkish restaurants related to food safety, such as data on human health because there are still unknowns in terms of food safety among restaurant food handlers.