Dr. Dominique Taeymans
FoodREG Consult sàrl

Ambassador’s Report

My main goal is to support and promote European and international regulatory harmonization which must acknowledge the importance of innovation in the food sector.
I’m particular involved in the revision of the EU Food Irradiation regulatory framework which is particularly important to ensure it is updated to be in line with the current state of the art and to cope with future challenges.
I was and still am a strong supporter of the GHI Consensus Document on Food Irradiation of October 2018 which still requires its publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

I also have chaired and still chair ISO working groups.
The first ISO WG developed an international standard on the use of the word ‘natural’.
The second ISO WG is finalizing another international standard to define criteria for foods suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
I’m of the strong opinion that Codex Alimentarius and ISO, both international organizations, should further reinforce their cooperation.

I’m in close contact with the Swiss authorities on a number of food regulatory developments which, in particular, include the forthcoming revised ordinance of the Swiss food law.


Title: New food safety preservation technologies push for international harmonization
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Title: Bring early the regulatory dimension in your food innovation process
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