Prof. Dr Mirjana Pesic
Assistant professor
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture

Ambassador’s Report

My goals as ambassador is to spread GHI objectives to all stakeholders in a food chain: to colleagues, students, R&D institutions, associations, transfer agencies, enterprises and policy makers via food congresses, symposiums, workshops, lectures and media. The promotion of GHI goals could help to foster innovation in the food sector such as implementation of new processing and preservation technologies, to further develop national food industry which can result, among other benefits, to better trading opportunity.

Recently, at UNIFooD Conference, held in Belgrade in October 5-6, 2018, the GHI goals were presented at audience which was followed with great interest. Two weeks later, at the national radio station “Radio Belgrade” in the open air program we discussed about the importance of quality and safe food, the harmonization of legislatives and regulations on food safety and nutrition among countries and the reasons and consequences of their lack.


Conference: UNIFood Conference, October 5-6, 2018, Belgrade, Serbia
Title: Inicijativa Globalne Harmonizacije (GHI)
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Dr. Mirjana Pesic, GHI Ambassador to Serbia, gave a talk about the Global Harmonization Initiative at the UNIFooD Conference, Belgrade, Serbia.


Title: Inicijativa Globalne Harmonizacije (GHI)
Author: Mirjana Pesic
Publication and Date: Proceeding paper at UNIFood Conference, October 5-6. 2018., Belgrade, Serbia