Veslemøy Andersen, PhD

Hans-Jacob Skarpeid, PhD
General Manager, Reflektor

Ambassador’s Report

Veslemøy Andersen: I want to promote GHI in every way possible for me to help spreading its goals and contribute to its success. This can be done in Norwegian and also in English everywhere in the world at congresses and meetings, through writing articles in papers and chapters in books to make the goals of our organisation known by as many people as possible all over the world.

This is the reason why I have joined the Editorial Board of the book series “Nutrition and health aspects of traditional and ethnic foods” that will cover all countries of the world. For the same reason I have accepted to be the Lead Editor of the first volume, about the Nordic countries. That will be published in 2018; the other volumes will be published thereafter, 2 to 3 volumes every year. There will be 26 volumes in total.

Further I have joined the Organising Committee for the "1st International GHI Congress on Food Safety and Security”, to be held in Leiden, The Netherlands, 24-28 March 2019.

During the World Food Congress organised by IUFoST, in Dublin, Ireland in 2016, Prof. Dr. Chin-Kun Wang M.D., GHI Ambassador in Taiwan, proposed a "Global Incident Alert Network for Unauthorized Food Additives”, which became established soon thereafter (and abbreviated GIANUFA). Meanwhile a GHI Working Group “Global Incident Alert Network” (GIAN) has been established with two projects, GIANUFA – lead by Dr. Chin-Kun Wang and the "Global Incident System Alert Network for Pathogens in Food” (GIANPIF) – lead by me.

As a microbiologist, my personal interest is especially food safety, biofilm formation and the risk of worsening the problem of antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria as a result of incorrect use of biocides in the food industry. Recently, I have given presentations about these topics in Kiev (Ukraine), Yerevan (Armenia) and Kaunas (Lithuania).

Hans-Jacob Skarpeid: I am active in the Food Chemistry Group of the Norwegian Chemical Society (NKS), currently as chairman of the board, in addition to being deputy member of the General Board of the NKS. Further I represent NKS as delegate to the Food Chemistry Division of the EuChemS.

The main venues for presenting GHI and it activities to a Norwegian audience are

  • Meetings in the NKS Food Chemistry group, promoting GHI perspecives, by inviting GHI international authorities, and by giving own presentations
  • News, comments and reports written in the NKS monthly magazine “Kjemi”
  • Promoting GHI perspectives to relevant other professional organisations, notably the Food Technological Association “Teknologisk Matforum”

I also am the manager of a membership based organization “Marine Protein Network”, promoting the utilization of rest raw materials of fish and seafood. This sector has major international perspectives and serves a significant role in contributing to a circular economy. It thus serves as an important arena to keep alert to the GHI issues and potential actions.


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