Dr. Michael Murkovic

GHI Supervisory Council

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Based in Austria

Dr. Michael Murkovic is a trained biotechnologist who was working for some time in the pharmaceutical industry developing fermentation processes for antibiotic and other bioactive substances. In 1993 he started his career at Graz University of Technology in the field of food chemistry with the main interest in the formation of carcinogenic compounds which are formed during processing and cooking. The focus is on the reduction of the formation by e.g. the use of antioxidants. In 2001 he became associate Professor in the field of food chemistry.

In food chemistry he has published more than 100 manuscripts in reviewed journals. Besides his scientific work he is teaching in the master program Biotechnology training in food chemistry, food biotechnology and quality assurance. Dr. Murkovic is Co-Chair of the GHI Chemical Food Safety Working Group and is also Chair of the GHI Supervisory Council.