Middle East and North Africa

Regional Councillor

BSc. Atef Idriss
General Manager
(MENA Food Safety Associates)

Regional Councillor's Report

I believe that safe food and feed are a prerequisite for sustainable development, and that the Arab Middle East should develop its own food safety prerequisites in full recognition with its own socio-economic priorities, in harmony, however, with international standards and norms, while respecting the culture, family values and quality of life throughout the MENA region.
The MENA region is bio insecure. It is one of the most food import dependent regions in the world. Moreover the region has very poor inter-regional & country trade due to poor harmonization initiatives. The ability to learn from other countries and regions on how to harmonize treaties, laws, decrees and even specifications, is at the core of what I intend to do. Learning with whom to harmonize in addition to CODEX and at par with ISO is of essence.


Title: KBBE Harmonization : EUROMED & Lebanon
Conference: GHI symposium during the EFFoST conference
Date and place:13-16 November 2017 | Melia Sitges, Sitges, Spain
Website: http://www.mefosa.com/media-center/publications