Prof. Marco Antonio León Félix
Professor of Food Safety, Food technology, Food Microbiology, and Food Science
in CONAFRUT, UIA, UP and UNAM, Mexico.

Ambassador’s Report

Mission: To spread the GHI objectives and to influence the national, regional and international food laws based on sound science.

Vision: To be recognized as a key agent in our local, state, national and international communities, in food science-based communication to the food consumers to increase awareness in order to achieve a fair, safe, sustainable, holistic food chain.


Conferences to Food Science and Engineering related students, Educational workshops with Food Consumers (specially children and young students, not forgetting elders), TV and radio interviews for spreading correct information on Food Safety, Nutrition and Life-style culture, international spreading by what’s up of news related to Food Safety and Nutrition Topics, participation in national and international Food Laws forums, participation in the Codex Committees on Hygiene and on Contaminants in Food, organizing and supporting Food Science Meetings, and supporting students to organize committees for spreading food science an nutrition activities as well as to get their social commitment with their local community.
Publications: Food safety and technology bachelor’s and master degree thesis, approximately 50 papers in food magazines, papers in food science and technology journals, and guidelines for fruit and vegetable lab.