Associate Prof. Dr. Moawiya A. Haddad
Associate Professor at the Department of nutrition and food technology, Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU)
Vice chairman of Jordanian Dietetic Association (JDA)
Vice chairman of Jordanian society for sensory evaluation of food (JSSEF)

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Ambassador’s Report

My goals as GHI Ambassador for 2018 to 2020:
As an ambassador of Jordan for GHI, I intend to initiate different workshops and meetings on food safety. Food safety in Jordan needs extensive work especially for traditional food products of meat and dairy. These products need updating of food standards in relation to new findings in food microbiology and chemistry, new food tests, and new detection methods for food adulteration.

As Jordan receives a high number of refugees, the situation increases the problems of food safety and human nutrition. Therefore, increasing the public awareness of food security and safety issues is a major effective role, without neglecting the increasing need of fresh food.


Title: Food safety, food technology, dairy science, and technology, nutrition.
Authors: Moawiya Haddad
Publication and Date: 2006 till now