Prof. Dr Livia Simon Sarkadi
Department of Food Chemistry and Nutrition, Szent István University
Full Professor, Head of Department

Ambassador’s Report

As a GHI Ambassador to Hungary my main goal is to introduce GHI as an organization and its mission to Hungary. Via my positions in different National and International Organisation I have also chance to promote or support activities of GHI and disseminate information. These positions are: President of the Hungarian Chemical Society, President of Scientific Committee on Food Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former chair of the Food Chemistry Division of EuChemS, and currently Executive Board member of EuChemS.

I have been involved in the Scientific Committee of some Conference series.
The XIX EuroFoodChem was organised in Budapest, Hungary last year (4-6 October 2017) where a very successful GHI session entitled ”Global Harmonization of Food Safety Regulations” was held chairing by Prof. Huub Lelieveld.

This year I am also the chair of the 3rd Conference on Food Science and Technology (28 November- 1 December, 2018, Budapest, Hungary). which will be organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Food Science, Szent Istvan University, the National Office for Food Safety and Security, the Scientific Committee on Food Science, Section of Chemical Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Foundation for Food Education and Research.