Halal Certifier’s page

Welcome to the Global Harmonization Initiative’s Halal Certifier’s page

For many consumers, the halal status of a product is extremely important and what standard the product meets in that respect can be a source of stress and concern when that “must know” information is not available. To make it easier for consumers to find the information they need to be able to choose the foods that meet their requirements, this web page has been developed to provide that information, as obtained directly from the halal certifying organisations using a questionnaire. The GHI’s working group on Food Safety in Relation to Religious Dietary Laws has given their best effort to create a questionnaire aiming to help halal certifying agencies from all over the world describe their standards in a way that is useful in providing transparency resulting in greater trust and peace of mind for consumers.

As a neutral third party, we are attempting to create a new web page that will make this information available to consumers globally. We have not and do not plan to take a stand on various issues that we are aware are of concern and being discussed by the Muslim community. However, our questionnaire is designed to try to bring out where a particular agency stands on some of these issues. We hope that sharing this information by halal certifying agencies on our website will meet the consumers’ need and increase the credibility of the agencies as well. In other words, it’s meant to be a win-win.

All information presented on this site was written and shared voluntarily by the halal certifying agency, and if anyone wants to discuss these issues further with the information provider, they will need to contact the agency directly. For this, we have encouraged the agencies to provide their contact information.

The order of presentation of the information is hopefully helpful. The agency will be placed within the country of origin (which are alphabetical) and within any country we will be posting replies in the order received. As the listing hopefully grows, we may look at ways to “cross-list” the agencies in other ways that are consumer helpful.

This is a first attempt of this type. Therefore, we hope the valuable information provided by halal certifying agencies on how they certify will help to satisfactorily fulfil the unmet needs of consumers to trust halal certifications.

Any suggestions for improving the site consistent with the goals set out above are welcome.


 List of Halal Certifiers world-wide