Prof. Petros Taoukis
National Technical University of Athens,
School of Chemical Engineering

Kyriaki Zinoviadou, PhD
Assistant Professor
Chair of New Food Product & Business Development MSc Program
Perrotis College

Dr. Magda Krokida
(more information forthcoming soon)

Ambassador’s Report

Prof. Taoukis:
Petros S. Taoukis is a Diploma Chemical Engineer, NTUA - MSc, PhD Food Science University of Minnesota US. Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology.
Global harmonization of food safety and nutrition laws/regulations, as well as quality and processes are paramount if societies are to benefit from the achievements of academic research and industrial innovation with no artificial or political trade barriers, while they stay assured that safety, nutrition, quality, environment and circularity are not compromised.

Research in the areas of in food processing, quality and shelf life predictive modelling, predictive microbiology, enzyme technology, HHP processing, PEF, osmotic processing and intelligent packaging and cold chain management. Active participation in European research projects and management of National/EU supported multipartner projects. He coordinated the RTD project SMAS ( ) of Framework 5 –Quality of life (QLK1-CT2002-02545) and the project FAIR-CT95-1090. Scientific leader of the NTUA team in H2020, FP7, FP6, FP5 and FAIR European Projects e.g. FP7 SOPHY ( ) and FRISBEE ( ) . EU-National projects on new food processing technologies and biofunctional products. Extensive collaboration with the food industry on applied research and development. Work published in over 480 research papers, conference proceedings and book chapters. Over 3000 citations
Organization of ICEF11 conference ( ), 29th EFFoST International Conference ( ) and 2015 Int. Nonthermal Proc Workshop ( )
Fellow of International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFST) of IUFoST, national delegate of Greece in IAEF (International Association of Engineering and Food), member of the founding Executive Group of EAFE (European Academy of Food Engineering), EFFoST member, IFT member.

Associate Editor of Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies. Subject Editor of Food and Bioproducts Processing. Guest Editor in Food Control, Trends in Food Science and Technology, Food Engineering Reviews. Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Food Microbiology, Journal of Food Engineering.

Member of the Scientific Council of Food Control (ESET) of EFET (Hellenic Food Authority), which is the Supreme Advisory and Regulatory Scientific Body on food issues, the following three-year periods; November 2001-October 2004, June 2010-June 2013, and June 2013-June 2016.
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Prof. Zinoviadou:
Kiki Zinoviadou is Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology Perrotis College, Greece. Kiki is happy to serve as an ambassador of GHI and is confident that she will be able to contribute both in the design of material as well as the dissemination process.

She intends also to contribute to the Working Group (WG) Education, the WG Nanotechnology and the WG Preservation technologies.


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