Dr. Tadesse Teferra
Researcher and Educator

Ambassador’s Report

My goal as GHI Ambassador is to advocate for healthy, safe and nourishing foods for all Ethiopians and people around the globe. I will also work hard to create awareness of the public and legal practitioners on the rights of people to have fair and equitable access to healthy and safe foods. I will use all relevant platforms and forums I get to raise the concepts of GHI.

The concept of evidence-based food safety laws is important for Ethiopia as the aflatoxin contamination levels in many staple foods is extremely concerning.

My appointment as an Ambassador of GHI for Ethiopia came at a good timing as Ethiopia has just started implementing Food Systems, the initiative I have taken part of (before becoming GHI member). The Ethiopian Food System (EFS) is a systems approach by the government to the food safety and nutritional challenges based on the UN Food Systems Submit held in Rome in September, 2021. I will continue raising awareness on food safety using platforms in the implementation of EFS.

Tadesse Fikre Teferra participating on a debate whether or not Ethiopia and Africa should Adopt GM Technologies and products for food security and economic growth; Central Hotel Hawassa, Ethiopia


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