Dr. Dimitris Tsaltas, Associate Professor
Cyprus University of Technology
Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science

Ambassador’s Report

  • Inform Departmental colleagues about GHI - Memo and Departmental Meeting
  • Inform students about GHI - Lecture
  • Inform Microbiology BSc students at European University Cyprus about GHI - Lecture
  • Inform colleagues at General State Lab, Veterinary Services, Department of Agriculture and Public Health Services about GHI - 1-2 Lectures

First initiatives in Cyprus are to inform the scientific audience including students in Food Science programs about the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) and let them know of the Ambassador's efforts to bring forward issues relative to food safety harmonization gaps.

The GHI is an international non-profit network of individual scientists and scientific organizations working together to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation.

GHI engages and empowers food scientists and experts in industry, government and academia to voice scientific consensus and make recommendations on food safety laws and regulations, globally. GHI aims is to provide objective and fact-based advice that will help harmonize conflicting regulations and legal policies in order to:

  • Eliminate trade barriers that masquerade as food safety protections
  • Reduce the needless destruction of safe foods within and across international borders
  • Promote the use of innovative food safety technologies around the globe
  • Lessen the potential for foodborne illness and pandemic outbreaks
  • Promote the need to address in priority the traditional food products due to their socioeconomic importance for Cyprus and the other Mediterranean countries as well as nutritive and wellbeing role within the niche of Mediterranean diet worldwide.