Tatiana Koutchma, PhD
Research Scientist in Novel Food Processing
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Ontario, Canada

Ambassador’s Report

As GHI’s Ambassador to Canada, I plan to participate and represent GHI at local meetings, such as conferences of the Ontario Food Protection Association (OFPA) that take place twice a year. In the future, I will contribute to GHI books and reviews, communicate GHI message in Canada through blogs and internet articles, and participate in GHI meeting. I will also respond to local disinformation, report activities to GHI, organize on-line lectures and trainings, and write blogs for the media. As a new group leader of the Novel Technologies Group, I am planning to prepare a survey on international regulations related to novel technologies.

Activities and Presentations

Title: Ultraviolet Treatment of Milk
Conference: IFT Non-thermal Processing Division Annual Meeting
12-14 November 2015 | Athens, Greece


Title: Novel Food Safety Technologies Emerge in Food Production
Authors: Tatiana Koutchma and Larry Keener
Publication and Date: New Food Magazine | January 2015

Title: Harmonization of Legislation and Regulations to Achieve Food Safety: US and Canada Perspective
Authors: Larry Keener, Sophia Nicholson-Keener and Tatiana Koutchma
Publication and Date: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture | June 2013