Prof. Dr. Angel Angelov
Professor, Head of Centre for Food Quality and Safety Education
University of Food Technologies (UFT)
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ambassador’s Report

My main goal as the GHI Ambassador for Bulgaria is to bring the ideas and objectives of GHI to Bulgarian stakeholders – scientists, educating, regulatory and control authorities, business and consumers, and to encourage their participation in the Initiative, so that Bulgaria implements the results of GHI activities in its policies and regulations. I am committed to dedicate my efforts towards making all stakeholders realize the need for harmonization and to motivate their actions into this direction.
As part of the European Union and the “global village,” Bulgaria is striving to update its food legislation. Currently, the Bulgarian Food law is being revised, and a new Food Chain Law is under development. As a member of the two groups working on these tasks, I think it is extremely important to bring GHI principles into the elaboration of the new legislation documents.