Diana Bogueva, PhD
Sydney Focus Groups; SBS Radio, Sydney
Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute (CUSP)
Director; Program Producer; Researcher

Dr. Dilip Gosh
(more information forthcoming soon)

Ambassador’s Report

Dr. Diana Bogueva:

  • Recently joined GHI as an Ambassador for Australia, but I am planning to adhere with my ambassadors duties
  • I was commissioned to help establish and be part of the GHI Science Communication Working Group
  • I participated as co-editor in a book about traditional and ethnic foods in Eastern Europe, planned to be published by Elsevier this year
  • I have joined the co-editors and co-authors team in another GHI book project on Balkan countries traditional and ethnic food in collaboration with GHI ambassadors and it is expected to be finalized and published in 2020
  • I have taken an investigation in regard to an application of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to use a new food additive- polysorbate 20 as emulsifier with anti-microbial agents in processed meat and fish products. I have arranged an interview with FSANZ CEO Mark Booth

Dr. Diana Bogueva (right) receiving award for Best presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Food and Environmental Sciences, Hanoi, Viet Nam 2017.

Dr. Diana Bogueva (left) with the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian at the Harmony Day Dinner 2018.


Dr. Diana Bogueva:
Title: Nutritional and Health Aspects of Traditional and Ethnic Foods of Eastern Europe
Authors: Golikova T., Shamtsyan, M., Bogueva, D., Jakobsone, I. & Jakobsons, M.
Publication and Date: Elsevier, 2018