Prof. MSc. Alejandro Ariosti
Researcher, Technical Assistance – Materials of Sanitary Applications
National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) – Plastics Centre

Professor of Food Packaging
Food Science Department, University of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ambassador’s Report

My proposed goal is to present the GHI and describe its activities to government officials, regulators, professional associations and students in order to help harmonize standards and regulations on food and food contact materials. I also present details about the GHI sponsored books related to food contact materials, such as in Ensuring Global Food Safety: Exploring Global Harmonization. It is very important for countries that want to develop emerging legislation to take as main references internationally recognized standards and regulations. I make presentations that include information about GHI at national and international conferences and meetings, as well as in university class lectures. During 2016 I have meetings at the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) – Argentina, and at the Argentine Association of Food Technologists (AATA), to present the GHI and its activities to the new authorities.

Activities and Presentations

Prof. Ariosti shared information about GHI at the Smithers Pira Global Food Contact Conference, May 2015, Rome, Italy.

Title: An Update of the MERCOSUR and South American Food Contact Materials Regulations
Conference: Global Food Contact Conference
19-21 May 2015 | Rome, Italy

Title: Food Contact Materials Regulatory Situation in MERCOSUR and Other Latin American Countries – An Updated Overview
Conference: 12th Biennial International Symposium on Worldwide Regulation of Food Packaging
16-18 June 2015 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Title: Regulation of Food Packaging in South America
Conference: Food Packaging Law Seminar
14-15 October 2015 | Arlington, Virginia, USA

Title: Recycled Plastics and Other Advanced Food Contact Materials (Active and Intelligent, Nano, Biodegradable) – Global Regulatory Trends
Conference: Seminar on Innovative Food Contact Materials
11 December 2015 | Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Chapter: Global Legislation for Regenerated Cellulose Materials in Contact with Food
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Chapter: Managing Contamination Risks from Packaging Materials
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