Veslemøy Andersen, PhD

Ambassador’s Report

As GHI Ambassador to Norway, my goals include the translation of GHI documents into Norwegian for print and website use. I also plan to contribute articles about GHI to relevant Norwegian magazines and to write reviews of GHI books in Norwegian. In the future, I will participate as a series editor for the GHI book series published by Elsevier. I also will promote GHI and its books at meetings and congresses and invite Norwegian food scientists to join GHI as members.


Chapter: Chapter 41, Bacterial Resistance to Biocides
Author: Veslemøy Andersen
Book Title: Handbook of Hygiene in the Food Industry, 2nd Ed.
Publication Date: In press | Elsevier Academic Press

Title: Resistance to Biocides and Resistance Mechanisms in Bacteria
Author: Veslemøy Andersen
Publication and Date: Proceedings of the Scientific and Practical Conference: Food Safety and Scientific Support for the Development of the Home Competitive Food Ingredients Industry and the Federal State-Funded Research Establishment. All-Russia Research Institute for Food Additives, St. Petersburg, Russia. 24-25 Sept. 2015